Archives - Gardens 2005

We have four garden plots; lower garden, middle garden, upper garden, and old garden. We just had to call them by some names so we knew what each other was talking about.

Old Garden

This garden was the first one we established in 2001 and is 40' x 60'. Starting next year we will primarily be growing only perennial type vegetables like asparagus and strawberries in this garden. Currently this garden contains carrots, garlic, onions, potatoes, watermelon, eggplant, basil, asparagus and strawberries.

Walla-Walla Onions are shown on the left and Sweetness II Carrots on the right.


Lower Garden

We started this garden last year. Unfortunately this area is the lowest on our property and we had so much rain this spring it took way too long for it to dry out for us to be able to plant it up as we had originally planned. Luckily, Frank had started getting the middle garden ready last year and we were able to shift our planting plan around to use the middle garden as this garden had dried out earlier. We were able to plant some things in the lower garden like cucumbers, canteloupe, a second planting of green beans, corn, sunflowers, winter squash, and a row of left over tomato plants that we did not sell.

Buttercup Winter Squash is shown on the left and Sweet -n- Early Canteloupe on the right.


Middle Garden

We have the bulk of our crops growing in the middle garden, lettuce, radishes, snow peas, five varieties of tomatoes, first planting of green beans, summer squash, and six varieties of peppers. We are currently selling lettuce, radishes, and tomatoes from this plot. This garden is 60' x 50'.

Row of Flamingo Peppers is shown on the left, Summer Squash on the right.


Upper Garden

This garden is new this year. Frank turn the soil over for the first time in June, disked it, and tilled it a few weeks later. He then planted a cover crop of soy bean to build up the soil. We will be planting up this garden in 2006. This garden is 100' x 60'