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Greenhouse Construction

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The greenhouse will be a 27' x 48' Gothic Arch Double Poly Greenhouse.  The first steps are to remove the top soil and grade the area to deal with the abundant amount of water that sits in this area in the spring.  In addition the displacement of 27' x48' of snow and water that will be directed around the greenhouse needs to be dealt with.

Picture 1 shows the view from the left after the concrete slab was removed.  We discovered this slab after we removed a lot of overgown brush that surrounded this tree.  We believe a small outbuilding used to exist here.  We know a barn used to exist to the right of this tree.  You can also see some work that was done as I tested the new tractors digging capabilities behind the tree.  The second picture is a view from the right side of the tree.

These next two pictures show the results of my first round of digging up the topsoil and grading using the new tractor.

That's me playing....errr working.

Stay tuned...more to come soon...batterboards and utility trenching..