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Current pictures of lettuce - as of 2/16/2004. First batch of lettuce is finished. Second batch of seedlings have been put in float beds. Second batch includes Arugula, Red Iceberg Lettuce, Formidana, Rouge D'Hiver and Bronze Mignonette. Also started third batch of seedlings. Have settled on growing Red Oak Leaf (mature head shown on the left), Tom Thumb, and Cosmo Savoy.


As of 1/5/2004

Lettuce Growth Progress

11/10/2003 - Planted lettuce see in Oasis 1" x 1" Horticubes, 12 of each variety (Ruben's Red Romaine, Cosmo Savoy Romaine, Red Oak Leaf, Tom Thumb, Winter Density).

11/12/2003 - Lettuce started sprouting.

11/23/2003 - Added nutrient solution to float beds and stablized PH to 6.5

12/7/2003 - Transfered 48 best lettuce seedlings to float beds using 3" net pots in rockwool cubes.




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