Our niece Marisa enjoying a just picked Reif Redheart heirloom tomato.








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Dragonfly Farms - Cart Sales

We've been selling our extra plants and ripe tomatoes via the honor system on a cart in the front of our house. Sales were slow at first but as soon as some of the ripe hydroponic tomatoes were put on display for sale business quickly picked up.

Hot sellers have been the ripe tomatoes and large tomato plants in 10" pots (at $4.00 each, that's quite a steal). Also the 4" tomato plants and 4" basil plants have been selling well. We've had repeat customers buying the ripe tomatoes saying that they love the taste. Word of mouth seems to be driving the plant sales as a few customers mentioned that someone told them about our plants and came specifically to check them out, one customer as far away as Ayer, Ma.

As of mid June we pretty much have been selling vegetables only. While we still have some herb plants for sale, our primary sales are from our fresh vegetables. We've been selling tomatoes, cucumbers, green beens, yukon gold potatoes, caribe (purple) potatoes, lettuce, garlic, and summer squash. The summer squash is not grown at Dragonfly farms (thanks Mom and Dad for contributing your extras). We've also made sweet pepper and cucumber relish that we have canned are are selling.

Next year we hope to grow enough to attend some area farmer's markets.