Our niece Marisa enjoying a just picked Reif Redheart heirloom tomato.








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As of 5/17/2004 we have planted broccoli, peas, spinach, carrots, potatoes, and onions (thanks to our friend Alex for helping plant the onions). We also laid down lots of soaker hose as we are going to try to water the main garden using this method only. Using soaker hoses should save water, give the plant roots a deeper watering, and we won't be watering the weeds.

We grew three different kinds of marigolds from seed and have planted them around the garden to help keep garden pests away.

Here is an updated picture of the main garden (as of 08/09/2004). As you can see alot has changed in three months.



The garlic seems to be doing well. Frank has been fertilizing it with an organic fertilizer, Neptune's Fish Emultion. Hopefully this year we'll get some decent size bulbs. You can see the soaker hoses running thru the garlic beds.

Broccoli and Onions

Below is the layout for the main garden.

Frank plowed and disked a new garden plot to the left of the greenhouse. We'll be growing our market vegetables in this patch. We'll be growing corn, peppers, tomatoes, greenbeens, and sunflowers. We just had a load of horse manure delivered that you can see in a nice big pile.


All of our seeds have been ordered from Johnnys and Territorial and have already been delivered. We started some seeds (tomatoes, spinach, peppers, broccoli, as well as a whole bunch of annuals and perennials) in plug trays in the greenhouse. Most of the trays are on top of heat propogation mats. It just gets too cold in the greenhouse at night for the seeds to germinate. On the right is a picture of the potting bench to mix soil and load up the plug trays that Frank built.

View 2003 Garden here.