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Greenhouse Construction



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The trench is done! Finally.  It empties out into a 7' deep hole.  The water line will end with a "hydrant".  This will allow the water to fall down below the frost line when shut off.  In order for this to work we needed to dig a hole wide enough and deep enough below the frost line to accept all the water in the vertical pipe of the hydrant.  I'll show more pictures of this when Mike (our neighbor) installs it. (As you can see we found the water level)


The next step was to dig a small trench around the greenhouse.  I will install insulation  and metal flashing below the finished grade to keep rodents out.  The insulation and rodent barrier will (hopefully) be two feet deep.  With the string on the batter boards as a reference level point the trench was dug to about 2-2.5' deep around the entire perimeter of the greenhouse.  A second hole was dug in the back north side to collect the water run off.


The standard left and right views as the site looks after the backhoe was returned.

A view of the mess this created from the street!  A big rock that plagued my lawn cutting for the last three years.  I dug it up and dug a big hole next to it and buried it.


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