Archives - Plants 2005

This page lists and describes the live plants we have for sale in the 2005 season. The plants will be offered in various sizes including six packs, 4 inch pots, and 1 gallon pots. We have several varieties of vegetables plants as well as a few annual and perennial flowers available. All pictures shown below are of the actual plants growing in our greenhouse now.

Vegetable and Herb Plants



Maturity 68 days. Famous for making Italian pesto and flavoring vegetables and fish. Uniform, tall, and relatively slow to bolt with large, dark green leaves about 3" long. Ht. 24-30". 68 days to harvest.


Sweet -n- Early
This is one of the earliest cantaloupes ever, and a prolific producer often yielding 6 to 8 melons per plant. A home gardener's dream! Oval fruit weigh about 2 lbs., have nice corky netting and bright peach, very sweet flesh. Maturity 65 days.


AAS trial judges throughout North America agreed Diva just might be the best-tasting cuke on the planet. Diva looks like a regular salad cucumber but with a smooth, thin, no-peel skin. Distinctly tender, crisp, sweet, bitterfree and seedless. Especially delicious picked small, about the size of a pickle. Details for plant techies: (1) plants are gynoecious (product only female flowers) and parthenocarpic (fruits set without pollination), so they're seedless; (2) disease tolerant to both mildews and scab; (3) plants are nonbitter, hence not very attractive to cucumber beetles.



Classic Romaine lettuce used for making Caesar salads. Upright, green head.





Pepper plants will be available in six packs with larger pepper plants available individually in 4 inch pots. Look for our special hot pepper pack that combines 3 Anaheim Chili with 3 Jalapeno plants in one six pack.

Hot Pepper Varieties

Anaheim Chili
The favorite chili pepper. Mildly hot. Long, tapered, pungent, medium-thick peppers. Green, turning deep red at maturity. Excellent fresh, pickled or dried. Very hardy. Plants grow 28-30 in. tall with good foliage cover. Maturity 77 days.

Most popular pepper for Mexican dishes. Fruits are 3-1/2 in. by 1-1/2 in. and sausage shaped. Fruits start out a deep, glossy green, but turn bright red at maturity. Excellent for pickling. Maturity 70 days.

Sweet Pepper Varieties

Boynton Bell
Maturiy 75 days. With resistance to strains 1, 2 and 3 of bacterial leaf spot, the vigorous plants of this hybrid produce heavy yields of large, smooth, blocky peppers. They are very thick-walled, mostly 4-lobed and ripen from a glossy dark green to brilliant red.


Maturity 66 days. The vigorous hybrid plant is resistant to TMV and very prolific. Its smooth fruit are a good sized (3½" x 3½") slightly tapered bell. They have a "waxy" finish and turn from ivory-yellow to orange-red. It's a beautiful, sweet salad pepper with a bright color.



Golden Bell
Maturity 68 Days. Golden Bell is a colorful companion to your green and red bell peppers. Blocky bell-shaped peppers yield in excellent quantities on sturdy, vigorous plants. They ripen from light green to a deep golden color at maturity. Their crisp, sweet flesh will delight whether used in salads, for frying or freezing.

Antohi Romanian
Jan Antohi was a touring acrobat when he defected to the United States. In late 1991, he visited his family in Romania for the first time in over 8 years, and came back with seeds of this delicious heirloom pepper. Smooth, 4" long, by 2" wide, tapered, pointed fruits ripen from pale yellow to red. Upright plants have good branch strength and yield early and heavily. TIP: It's most delicious cooked - Romanians fry it in a hot skillet to experience the sweet, full flavor, especially when red ripe.



Tomato plants will be available in six packs, 4 inch pots, and larger 1 gallon pots.

Big Beef
Maturity 73 days. "The best tomato yet developed," as described by many experts who named this colossal beauty the 1994 All-America Selections Winner. Combines old-fashioned, rich flavor with hybrid qualities of huge size, exceptional yield and full disease resistance. Globe-shaped fruits, smooth and uniform, weigh 9 oz. to 1 lb. Highly adaptable to all climates. Indeterminate.

Early Girl
Maturity 59 days. A popular variety that continues to bear until frost. Plants produce heavy crops of 4 to 5 oz. fruits, globe-shaped, smooth and blemish-free. Rich tomato flavor. Ideal for short-season areas. Indeterminate.





Bush Goliath
Maturity 65 days. Unbeatable patio-type bush tomato will surprise you with its huge, red, "full-size" fruits! With a name like goliath, its got big shoes to fill...but it's up to the challenge! Developed for patio gardeners and those with limited garden space, and unsurpassed by any other bush tomato available on the market. Attractive, compact plants are just 3 to 3-1/2 ft. tall, yet they yield large, red, 3 to 4 in. fruits packed with flavorful meat and high sugar content. Bears consistently up until frost, and needs very little staking. Determinate.


Amish Paste
Maturity 80 days. This plant is prolific, it puts on tons of big meaty full flavored fruits, that make the best sauce. This tomato also has a good bit of juice to it, which makes it a good salad tomato or just to eat. Indeterminate.


Annual and Perennial Flower Plants

Marigold - Tangerine Gem
Neat, low mounds of lacy foliage covered by hundreds of petite, single, 1/2" edible blossoms. Long-blooming for beds, borders and containers. Ht. 8-10"

Marigold - African Yellow and Orange
These marigolds can be used to add bold color to an existing garden or a new mass planting. The plants are compact and wind resistant. The mix of pure gold, light orange, and bright yellow fully double flowers makes an impressive color display both in the garden and in the vase. Ht. 18-24".

Baby's Breath

Lamb's Ear


Blue Lace Flower