The Farm

Dragonfly Farms is located in Pepperell, Massachusetts. We actively manage over 20 acres of cropland with approximately 12-14 acres in vegetables each year.  The farm is dispersed across five different physical locations, some owned by us and other leased from the Town of Pepperell.  

This is our 5 acre home farm on Prescott St where we have a farm stand, 1 greenhouse, 4 hoop houses, and we also grow field crops. This picture also shows our neighbors field which we are currently leasing. 


The majority of our field crops are grown here on land leased from the Town of Pepperell.  This property is actually two different locations.  The northern most field is behind the Pepperell Senior Center and the southern two fields are adjacent to the Pepperell Covered Bridge.(If you look closely you will see the latest Google Earth view shows the chicken tractors in the field from last fall! ) 

Another property we lease from the town of Pepperell is located on Lawerence Street.  This property has some drainage challenges but we continue to try to make the best use of it.

You are welcome to take a self guided tour of these fields anytime you like.  We ask that you leave your animals at home though and please foot traffic only.