The Farmers

Both Susan and Frank attended the University of Massachusetts in Amherst and came away with educations in Economics and Computer Science respectively.  After both spending nearly 15 years in the technology sector, they decided to make a drastic career change and go into farming in 2003 and Dragonfly Farms was started.

Inspired by growing great tasting, nutritious vegetables for themselves they decided to try to make a living sharing this passion with the community. 

It takes an army of farmers to produce the amount of produce required to feed a community and we have been lucky to have great help from family, friends, interns and field workers throughout the years.  Here goes, hope we don’t miss anybody:  Mom and Dad V,  Mom and Dad L, Tom L, Tommy L, Tommy M, Adam M., Karen, Eileen, Alex, Terri, Tom, Rose, Deneb, Brandon, Adam F., Sara, Lauren, Ember, Kim, Gabe, Bonnie, Heather, Steven, Grace, Eyob, John, Laura, Collin, Elizabeth F., Elisabeth B., Holly, Autumn, Nolan, Jason, Andrew, Shawn,Katie, Janelle, Preston, and Bill.