Our Products

Our chickens are pasture raised and organically fed which means they make really great tasting eggs that are naturally high in omega-3s. Since they are fed organic grain and forage on grass on our own pasture, they are guaranteed free of any chemicals and GMOs (genetically modified organisms). Most chicken feed contains soybean as it's major source of protein for the birds, and unfortunately, these days the majority of the soybean produced in the world is produced from GMO soybeans. The only way to ensure that no GMO soybeans are present in the chicken feed we give our birds is to feed them certified organic feed. While the organic feed is twice as expensive as conventional feed, we feel that it is worth every penny.

The chickens are housed in a moveable coop that is rotated around our pasture so that the chickens always have fresh pasture to forage on. They are protected from predators by an electrified fence that is moved along with the coop.

In the winter months, the chickens are moved to our greenhouse where they continue to forage on greens that we have planted inside. They also have fresh hay as bedding in the coop to keep them dry and warm.

Our eggs are available for purchase to our CSA shareholder at each pickup location. Any extra eggs will be available for purchase at the farmers' markets we attend and at our farmstand.