Q:  What is your refund policy?

A: If you have to cancel your CSA for any reason, we will refund your money in full up until May 1st.  After May 1st, we have already invested the money into growing and maintaining the vegetables you signed up for so no refunds will be provided.  You can, however, sell your share to someone else.  We maintain a waitlist of interested people and may be able to help facilitate the sale of your share.  

Q: Can I customize my share ?

 A:  We pre-package all shares so that all shares of the same type are the same.  Items that are done by weight are pre-weighed and pre bagged.  This mitigates the need to get to the pickup site first to get the “better” choice of vegetables.  If there are some items of the week you are not fond of and aren’t game for experimenting with a new recipe see below on the next question.."What if there is something in my share that I don't like?

Q: What if there is something in my share that I don’t like?

A:  If there is something in your bag on a given week that you don’t like then you may swap that item out for something else of equal value that is in the “swap bin”.  We come to the pickup with items already in the swap bin so there will be something to swap for even if you are the first person who arrives at the pickup.

Q: How will my share be packaged?

A: We now have two share packaging techniques. 

If you pickup at the farm in Pepperell:

          We have purchased reusable grocery style bags for the distribution. They have handles and are easy to transport back and forth from your home. We have purchased two for every member so we will need you to bring your bag back from the previous week so that we can fill it again for you on the following week. Should you forget your bag we do have a small number of extras but will have to charge you a minimal amount to cover our costs for the replacement bag. At the end of the season you will be able to keep these bags and do what you want with them. However, we ask that during the growing season you do not use these bags for other purposes so they do not get damaged or contaminated.

If your share is delivered to an off-farm site:

          We have purchased re-usable collapsible produce boxes.  Two for every member so you will have to bring back your box from the previous week so we can refill it.  If you forget your box we will ask you to unload your box to a bag of your own rather than taking the box so that we have a box to fill for you for the following week.  We ask that you take care to protect these boxes so they last the season as they are slightly expensive.

Q: What should I expect when picking up my share?

A: We will have a pickup roster that we check off acknowledging your pickup. We may ask for some form of ID the first couple of weeks until we get to know you. We don’t want to inadvertently give your share to someone else.

Q: Can I pickup my share earlier than the designated pickup time?

A: Many times the shares are packed just in time to keep the produce fresh during the pickup so we ask that you do not arrive early with the expectation that the share will be ready.

Q: What happens if I cannot pickup my share for the week?

A: If for some reason you cannot pickup your share for the week you may have someone else pickup your share for you.  You must let us know at least two days in advance who is picking up for you, we won't give your share to someone that you have not authorized to pick it up. You may provide us with a list of those people you authorize to pick up your share ahead of time that we will keep on file. If you cannot pickup your share for a given week and do not have anyone else picking it up we ask that you let us know at least a day ahead of time to save us the time of packing a share for no reason.  On a very limited basis, as we can only store a small amount of shares, you may pickup your share the following day at the farm.  You must let us know ahead of time though as shares not picked up are repurposed or donated immediately after the pickup time.

Q: Can I switch my pickup day on a particular week?

A: If you cannot pickup on your designated pickup day, we cannot permit switching pickup days for individual weeks. All pickup locations are sold out so there is no room and time to pick and pack additional shares on a different day.  As stated above, you can pickup your share at the farm the day after your scheduled pickup day if you have arranged with us ahead of time.  

Q: What happens if there is inclement weather on my pickup day?

A: Pickups will occur every week during the season regardless of weather conditions.